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Cad-Asia Partners with Matterport to Provide Immersive Property Experience in Malaysia

Aug 26, 2021 12:07PM | Source: Cadasia Pte Ltd

Cad-Asia and Matterport partners to feature rich 3D properties experience

Pulau Pinang, Malaysia, Aug 26th, 2021-- Cadasia Pte Ltd, the leading provider of Matterport 3D Property Tour in Malaysia provides 3D scanning services to all its real estate clients. Cadasia supplies immersive visual contents with a plethora of features such as Mattertags to enrich the experience of the visual content.

“At Cadasia we believe that the demand for immersive and rich property experiences is only going to grow. As the Malaysia property market continues to rebound from the pandemic, necessary tools such as this powered by Matterport’s advanced AI would produce immersive 3D experience, improving our real estate clients accessibility to their customers,” said Syazani Abdul Aziz, Co-founder and Director of Cadasia. “Powered by Cadasia domain platform and Matterport’s advanced AI, the Matterport platform captures and creates digital twins of properties quickly and accurately. This saves time and money for our clients and their customers as the properties can be explored and evaluated remotely,” he added.

Cadasia provides booking services for real estate clients to engage with its 3D photographer or videographer. The quotation and duration for each capture depends on the size of the properties with overall processing time of about 24-48 hours. Apart from the immersive 3D Tour, Cadasia also provides other services such as Floorplans and Digital Dollhouse. The platform objective is to save time and money for its clients and their customers.

About Cadasia

Cadasia Pte Ltd is Malaysia's leading Matterport partner for real estate agents, transforming the way people buy and sell their properties. Teaming up across different sites such as Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Florida, Cadasia provides real estate agents in Malaysia with immersive 3D Data and Tour experiences powered by Matterport platform.


Interested to work with our team, can reach out to:

About Matterport

Matterport is leading the digital transformation of the built world. Our groundbreaking spatial computing platform turns buildings into data making every space more valuable and accessible. Millions of buildings in more than 150 countries have been transformed into immersive Matterport digital twins to improve every part of the building lifecycle from planning, construction, and operations to documentation, appraisal and marketing.

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